Going organic has never felt so good. Our natural memory foam is made of rubber tree sap, giving you the comfort of memory foam without many toxins found in other mattresses. We carry a variety of organic mattresses that put an emphasis on maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, sports performance and full body recovery.


Our Lifestyle Mattresses promote overall health and wellness with the highest quality organic latex foam that is supportive, while never sacrificing comfort.


Additionally, our line of Performance Mattresses help to support those with an active lifestyle. Everyone from runners to professional athletes can benefit from the therapeutic approach each mattress takes to relieving pressure and providing ultimate comfort.


Designed to increase overall REM sleep, our Wholebody Recovery Mattresses are perfect for anyone looking for the ultimate in support, comfort and nightly nirvana. Loaded with Essentia technology, each mattress combines luxurious sleep with unparalleled support.



A good night’s sleep just isn’t complete without the right pillow. At Essentia, we’ve taken comfort a step further with natural memory foam that is both healthy and supportive. With a variety of firm to soft styles, there really is a natural pillow solution for everyone.


From Essentia’s Classic to Ergonomic, the Wholebody body pillow, and Traveller travel pillow all feature Essentia’s unique natural memory foam. Choose the perfect option for you based on sleeping style and necessary neck support. Designed for total relaxation and superior comfort, each pillow was designed to fit the user’s sleep style to provide the ultimate recovery.




Help your little ones get the best night sleep possible with our organic and natural memory foam mattresses. From day one your child’s crib should be their comfort zone and we all know when they aren’t getting good sleep, you aren’t either. In order to avoid constant sleep interruptions crib mattresses should work to support the following key elements: spinal alignment, blood flow and body temperature.


Made of all the best natural materials, you can rest assured your child isn’t exposed to the chemicals and toxins found in most mattresses. The Bionda is perfect for kids as it is comfy and soft while offering the support they need. An affordable natural solution for kids, this mattress is perfect for kids of all ages from toddlers to teens.



Get everything you need to outfit your Essentia bed, from organic sheets to a healthy foundation, made of all natural wood. Our Rize Adjustable bed offers up the ultimate form of comfort so you can curl up with a book in bed or lounge while you get a gentle massage from our 3 wave settings. Did we mention we have an equally healthy and comfy dog bed? The Kingston will give any dog a taste of luxury with increased comfort that promotes a higher quality of life. Explore our accessories to outfit your bed with all natural solutions and ensure that you are getting the healthiest sleep possible.