At Essentia, our commitment to quality is never compromised! As one of two latex foam companies in the United States and Canada, we have ultimate control over every ingredient we use. Managing the production of our mattresses, and more importantly, our natural memory foam, allows us to give our customers full assurance that every material we source is 100% natural. In manufacturing and distributing our products from one location, the Essentia team works to ensure our product quality never wavers.


Founded by CEO Jack Dell’Accio, Essentia began out of a desire to create a mattress that was truly toxin free. After a family member of Jack’s was diagnosed with cancer, he learned how many toxins we encounter in everyday household items like TVs, microwaves, couches and mattresses. With years of experience working within the latex foam industry, Jack realized that mattresses, where people spend a good majority of their days and lives, were being made with low quality materials that were produced and treated with harsh and harmful chemicals.


Looking to make a difference, Jack sought out to develop something truly unique: natural memory foam. Initially, he offered the natural foam to a number of mattress brands but the majority found the cost to be too high to integrate into their production. Those that did were not integrating enough of the natural memory foam required to truly experience its benefits.


As Jack continued to examine each brand’s materials and products he came to the realization that the industry was simply not passionate about consumer health and the overall quality of their products. Thus began Essentia, more than a company or a brand—a pledge to never compromising on quality or comfort.



Our natural memory foam is made from hevea milk, the tree “sap” from the Rubber tree. Made in Indonesia on Rubber Plantations the milk is processed to make our memory foam. Our Dunlop Latex, made from our sourced heave milk, is extremely durable and supportive, all while being natural. Additionally, we use organic essential oils and natural plant extracts to achieve the proper composition of our natural memory foam, while adding soothing and rejuvenating elements.


Organic cotton is a key element of each Essentia mattress, as each features a removable organic cotton cover. A great deal of chemical pesticides are used to grow cotton, actually 25% of the world’s pesticides are being used to grow cotton! It is easy to understand why going organic can have a positive impact on overall health and wellness.